EZ Underwriting FAQs

Even though we’re more than a year into EZ Underwriting, there are still a lot of questions surrounding the Risk Classifier. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the EZ Underwriting program and the Risk Classifier score…


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Telemarketing, Underwriting and Phone Tree

Telemarketing calls are prohibited in the following states on Monday, September 4 for Labor Day.

  • Alabama
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Please contact Kathy Ruel at 888.297.3990, ext. 3158, if you have any questions.


Exam Requirements

In the spirit of simplifying our underwriting guidelines, and with the introduction of EZ Underwriting, we will no longer have two different types of exams, the mini-exam and paramedical exam.  We have found that the confusion created with our customers was not worth any perceived benefit from having both.  Moving forward, we will only be using the paramedical exam when an exam is required either for age/amount requirements or when ordered for cause.

This change should make requesting exam requirements less confusing for agencies and agents.


We are changing our ages for Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) from age 14 to age 16 and above.


We’ve re-organized our phone trees to better align our customer facing teams at National Life Group.

This change of phone prompts will reduce confusion and get our customers to the right place faster!  This will also help us move to reduce our toll-free options to 1 number.

Our two most used numbers 800-732-8939 (Contact Center) and 800-906-3310 (Sales Desk) now have the same phone prompts.

Both entry points can service all options.

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What is Big Data and why should you care?

Have you ever shopped online and been presented with: “Customers who bought this product also bought these”?  That’s Big Data at work.

You use your FitBit to track your physical activity, but add in a comparison to how others are achieving their fitness goals; again Big Data is at work.

Big Data is now a part of our everyday lives.  You cannot read a news magazine or paper and not read about how Big Data is transforming our world, including purchasing life insurance.  Wall Street Journal  published an article earlier this year – Life Insurers Draw on Data, Not Blood.

That’s right – Big Data is now used for underwriting life insurance.

National Life Group introduced EZ Underwriting earlier this year on FlexLife II.  Guess what – you got it, we’re using Big Data.

Our Big Data is the Risk Classifier. The Risk Classifier helps underwriters assess mortality risk of an applicant .

The Risk Classifier is a predictive-modeling tool developed by LexisNexis.  It gathers information from:

  • Consumer Public Record Data
  • Consumer Credit Data
  • Driving Records

Lexis Nexis aggregates all the data and uses an algorithm to produce a mortality score. This score is one of many tools the underwriter uses to assess the overall mortality risk of applicants. Other data sources are the MIB and the prescription database check. Through the use of all these tools and evaluating medical history the underwriter makes a decision.  Sometimes it’s necessary to get additional information, such as paramedical exams or blood or APS reports to make a full evaluation.

The Risk Classifier allows for a less invasive process while still making the right mortality decisions. If between the risk classifier score, and the other data sources, the insured looks like a healthy risk, the insured will be assigned a rate class without traditional medical testing being required. That’s it!

Things to keep in mind with Risk Classifier:

  • Risk Classifier uses an advanced algorithm to determine a score
  • Risk Classifier is a predictor of mortality risk, not of life expectancy
  • The same number/percentages of preferred and elite risks will be issued using EZ Underwriting as with full underwriting
  • Risk Classifier is only used to help accelerate cases that are Elite, Preferred, Select, and Standard risks
  • Risk Classifier is not used for adverse or rated cases

The use of new underwriting tools like the Risk Classifier creates a new paradigm for risk assessment and selection. It enables National Life Group to identify good risks quickly and accelerate these cases through underwriting without having to obtain invasive and costly (in time and money) additional requirements.

Using tools like the Risk Classifier allows us to issue cases faster and easier – and that’s the real benefit of utilizing Big Data.

Watch our Video to learn more about EZ Underwriting.

More Underwriting Resources.



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