Why is Field Underwriting important?

Field Underwriting is a critical part of our profession – it is the first decision which the insurance agent makes after getting to know a client as it pertains to the potential client’s ability to meet the carrier’s underwriting standards.  It is equally important for the client, the agent and the insurance company because of the value it provides.  Good field underwriting provides an opportunity to set expectations with the client.  Often times the life insurance process can be mysterious as it is different than any other purchasing process that a client will engage in.  The agent plays a role in getting to know the client, making sure they understand not only the importance of life insurance but, also what to expect in regards to the underwriting process.  This will help the agent ultimately build trust with the client and good field underwriting can help an agent build credibility with the home office as well.  In turn, this information and taking the extra time to get to know the client will lead to more accurate underwriting outcomes and hopefully a greater amount of placed business.


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