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January 21, 2021

Underwriting: Let US Help YOU

Is my client insurable? What is the best rate class to quote my client based on medical and/or non-medical history?

Do you have a meeting with your client, but you are not sure how to quote them or if they are even insurable? In the absence of any known medical or non-medical risk, we suggest a quote of Standard (tobacco or non-tobacco, as applicable). Our Underwriting team will underwrite for best class once the application and information are received. 82.3% of applicants approved at NLG are assessed at standard or better rates.

If there is a known medical or non-medical risk, Quick Quotes is one tool you have at your disposal. Our Underwriters are here to assist you in determining if your client will qualify for coverage. Email us at UnderwritingQuotes@NationalLife.com (save it in your contact list!).

What information will your underwriter need?
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height and weight
  • Product
  • Face amount
  • Riders requested
  • Medical concerns: diagnosis, date of diagnosis, treatment, medications, restrictions, and prognosis
  • Non-medical concerns including but not limited to motor vehicle violations, criminal history, financial concerns, foreign national information.

Please do not include attachments with medical records or other evidence as this cannot be viewed without a valid HIPAA and application. Our underwriting team will review the information and provide a quote within 24 hours to let you know if your client is insurable and a potential tentative rating.

All quotes are tentative, non-binding and subject to change after a full underwriting work up.  To proceed submit a formal application with a copy of our quote within 30 days.  Any offer is subject to our available retention.

For further information on rate class availability please check out the preferred/elite criteria (page 17 & 18), uninsurable and problematic risks (page 20), and Medical Condition/Probable action section (pages 38-43) in our Field Underwriting Guide.

You will find Medical Questionnaires on pages 36 and 37 that will help provide us with additional information on specific impairments. For example, if your client has Diabetes, please review the Diabetes/Blood Sugar questionnaire which will have specific questions that can help determine a client’s eligibility for coverage.

As always, feel free to reach out to your Underwriting team via phone call or email for more information and guidance.