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August 30, 2021

Need a Risk Assessment?

Follow these steps to get your business processed faster!

  1. Consult the Life Insurance Underwriting Guide for the most common underwriting questions and information.
  2. NLG underwrites for best underwriting class so don’t worry about quoting a conservative rate class. If your client is better – we’ll offer better.
  3. For Quick Quotes, simply click the button below, complete the information template and send. You can expect a a tentative rating within 24 hours.
Request a Quick Quote
As always, feel free to reach out to our Underwriting Team at underwritingquotes@nationallife.com for more information and guidance.

Brush up on Field Underwriting

In the Life Insurance Underwriting Guide you will find detailed information on:

  • Quick Tips for Efficient Processing
  • Underwriting Programs
  • Life Underwriting Requirements
  • Underwriting Rate Classes explained
  • Uninsurable and problematic risks
  • Insurable Interest – Owner/Beneficiary
  • Foreign National Guidelines
And so much more!