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June 29, 2022

Social Media Etiquette Explained

Learn the do’s and the don’ts when it comes to engaging on social media.


– Build your brand and find leads
– Interact with local businesses, government, and community organizations
– Share content from the NLG corporate pages to your social sites allowed for business use
– Control your privacy settings
– Share what you are proud of or passionate about
– Use the right content on the right network
– Different platforms have different audiences
– Think before you share, consider who your audience is on the platform
– Post regularly. At least once or twice a week to get your brand out there
– Be visual. Photos & videos typically get more engagement
– Have fun!

– Engage with complaints
– Interact or engage with competitors
– When you interact with competitors your followers can see this
– Avoid political topics, risky current topics, and conflicts
– Does this post or comment portray me in a negative or inflammatory way?
– Steer clear of making recommendations or discussing specific products
– Don’t spam your target audiences or over post
– Avoid poor grammar and spelling
– Don’t ignore questions, comments and messages from followers.
– Follow up on these with a phone call, email or direct message
– Don’t share the exact same message over and again
– Don’t share without researching first

Please view the social media policy

Visit the Social Media Playbook to review updated resources on social media best practices, content creation and engagement.