June 23, 2022

School Administrators are Still Hard at Work

Summer break can be a great opportunity to get in front of them.

While the day to day grind of a typical school day is on pause, principals and other school administrators often work year-round planning for the next school year. It’s an ideal time to get their attention and have them focus on all you can offer that’s different from the competition – including LifeChanger of the Year.

What is LifeChanger of the Year?
LifeChanger of the Year (LCOY) is an annual program recognizing K-12 educators and school employees across the country. Our program celebrates those who are making a significant difference in the lives of students by exemplifying excellence, positive influence and leadership. Nominees have a shot at being selected as one of our LifeChanger of the Year winners – which means a chance at national recognition and cash prizes for them and their schools or districts.

Need help starting the conversation?
We’ve got everything you need to start the conversation and implement LifeChanger in your schools. The LifeChanger eKit includes:

  • LifeChanger of the Year Promotion Flyer
  • LCOY PowerPoint presentation shows schools how they can benefit from adopting this recognition tool. Great for presenting during virtual meetings during the summer and faculty meetings during the year.
  • LifeChanger Spotlight Award Flyer and Email Template
  • Celebrate their Retirement LifeChanger Capstone Award Flyer and Email Template

Plus, a collection of digital collateral for website advertisement and social media posts. Check it out!

LifeChanger of the Year Agent Toolkit

You do not need to serve the 403(b) market to leverage LCOY. Build your brand in your community by nominating and celebrating an educator (or three) with a LifeChanger of the Year nomination.

*When emailing schools, please ensure:

  • You’ve had your personalized email approved by Compliance.
  • You are emailing to a school you are authorized to market to. 
  • You are aware of the school’s rules around email marketing and abide by them.