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April 28, 2021

The Mobile App Makes eDelivery Even Easier

Digital Deep Dive: eDelivery features are now available in the all-new agent mobile app.

eDelivery is enabling Agents to deliver policies faster, further and more conveniently for both themselves and their clients.  In today’s Digital Deep Dive, our focus is on some key New Business features in the new Mobile App.

eDelivery Features Now Available in New Business

  • Sign-up for eDelivery SMS notifications in Preferences so you are alerted in real-time when a policy is routed to your or your client
  • Track progress and view detailed status at each step in the eDelivery cycle
  • View or download the full policy document
  • Order or download a Policy Promise straight from the app. Exclusive to eDelivery, this keepsake document can be mailed to you or your client to create a lasting impression beyond policy delivery.

To navigate to your New Business section, tap the menu button on the home page to open then main menu, then tap into New Business.

You will then be presented with a list of your clients in the New Business pipeline.

  • All your cases are listed, with the current eDelivery status is displayed on the individual case cards.
  • Scroll through and tap on a case to get more details.
  • Alternatively, tap “Filter” at the top right to filter by a specific eDelivery status. Also use it to search for a specific case by client name or policy number

When a policy has been eDelivered, a banner will appear at the top of the case page with details and key actions you can take. Likewise, the Case Tracker will include details on where the policy is in the eDelivery process.

Tapping the case tracker expands it out, allowing you to see exactly where the policy is in the eDelivery process.

*Note that the tracker will look different depending on whether it is a Life or Annuity policy.

  • One of the key actions available to you is ordering a Policy Promise – exclusive to eDelivery.
  • Simply tap “Order Policy Promise” and you’ll be prompted to choose where it should be delivered, either to your address or your client’s.

  • You have additional actions available to you as well – just tap the action button.
  • View, share or print* the policy promise right from your phone
  • Access and review the Policy Documents

*Printing is only available from the mobile app if your phone supports it.

So, What’s the Policy Promise?

The Policy Promise is more than just a document – it’s an opportunity to add something tangible to your eDelivery process.

  • Exclusive to eDelivery, this document is a keepsake reference for your Client. Find it on the New Business policy details view in the mobile app.
    • You can download or request a high-quality print to be mailed either before you complete eDelivery or up to 90 days after
    • If mailed, choose to have the Policy Promise sent directly to your client or mailed to you so you can deliver it personally
    • Available for newly issued Life and Annuity policies
    • Your client can also access their Policy Promise digitally via the Client Portal or Mobile App after eDelivery is completed
  • The Policy Promise is intended to be a final touchpoint for you to leverage in your new business process. Consider using this as your policy delivery ceremony touch point whether virtual or in person.

Learn more here.