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February 17, 2021

Have You Ordered or Downloaded the Policy Promise Document Yet?

It’s more than just a document – it’s an opportunity to add something tangible to your eDelivery process.

Last year, we introduced the Policy Promise Document, designed for you to provide something tangible to your Client, and giving you another reason to reach out to ask  for feedback… and, of course, referrals. And one of the best parts about the document? It’s simple for you to order or download, or even guide your client how to download themselves!

Options for delivering the Policy Promise document (exclusive to eDelivery):
  • Download from Agent Portal (to electronically share with your Client)
  • Order the print version, which can be mailed:
    • To you, for you to physically present to your Client
    • To your Client, for them to receive once eDelivery is complete. Please note: The option to send to Client will only appear once eDelivery is complete; We only support mailing to addresses in the United States.
  • Guide your client to register online and access the Policy Promise directly in the Client Portal or Mobile App

View our Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! It is available for both life and annuity policies issued via eDelivery, as early at 11/13/2020.  
No. The Policy Promise is exclusive to eDelivery, as it provides your Clients with a keepsake reference in an otherwise digital experience.
It is available at multiple points in the eDelivery process. You will find it on the eDelivery Dashboard on the Agent Portal under New Business > eDelivery Dashboard

There are several different places on the eDelivery Dashboard where you can choose to download or request a mailed Policy Promise.

  • From the completed section at the bottom of the eDelivery Dashboard
  • You can view, download or order the Policy Promise from the eDelivery details view accessible by clicking on the Client name from any view in the dashboard.

This is intended to be a final touchpoint for you to leverage in your new business process. Here are a couple ideas:

  • If you used to have a policy delivery ceremony, this can serve as that touchpoint with eDelivery, whether in-person or virtually.
  • Consider having a virtual delivery ceremony over Zoom and virtually present this to your Client. It’s a great time to also ask for a referral!
Not yet, but it will be. There is a big update to the Agent Mobile App on the way – more details are coming soon!

Looking for more information on the Policy Promise?

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