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April 29, 2021

Get to Know the 7702 Product Updates

Watch these videos to learn more about upcoming changes to our product lineup.

The changes to our product lineup will offer even more life insurance protection opportunities to suit your client’s coverage needs.

In the video above, hear from Stephanie Burmeister and Morgan Gold about product changes taking place on May 1 as a result of new life insurance provisions under Section 7702.

How do the 7702 Product Adjustments Impact My Client?

Clients with an interest in cash accumulation potential can benefit from the increased funding opportunities under the new 7702 rules. If you use the minimum death benefit/maximum cash value solve to help your clients generate retirement income potential, tune in to Brittany Russo and Morgan Gold’s conversation and learn how to add value without decreasing their protection.

The Impact of 7702 on Life Insurance

For clients who may want to increase their funding in the future, it is important to understand how to add value without diminishing the power of their living benefits. Watch this video to hear from Brittany Russo and Morgan Gold about the upcoming changes.


The Impact of 7702 on Large Cases

To understand the impact of Section 7702 on large cases, check out this conversation between Morgan Gold and Matt Ryan.

The Impact of 7702 on Premium Finance Business

To understand the impact of Section 7702 as it relates to the large case market, particularly with premium financing, tune in to this conversation with Morgan Gold and Randall Richardson, President of Pelican Financial Network.

Additional Resources
  • View Death Benefit Flyer: Help your clients solve for the right amount of death benefit protection by following this Death Benefit Chart as a guide. This flyer will also be accessible in the illustrations software to make it even easier for agents.
  • View Updates Flyer: For more details on the changes under IRC Section 7702 and their impact, please view the Frequently Asked Questions flyer.
  • View the Transition Rules

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