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April 21, 2022

Underwriting Quotes powered by XRAE: Your Clear Line of Sight into Rating Classification

Generate a tentative rating in real time with 24/7 self-service.

  • Complete real-time underwriting assessments via the new Underwriting Quotes self-service tool on the NLG Agent Portal
  • Impairment-based reflexive questions yield “best case” underwriting classifications aligned to NLG’s proprietary underwriting rules
  • Immediately render a tentative* rating class and improve your placement rates with accurate and consistent rating assumptions
  • All generated quotes are securely stored and can be referenced later
  • Streamlined process automates hand-off to NLG underwriter when manual review may be required

*Tentative rating class is based on medical or general information provided.  Final offers are subject to formal application and underwriting review.

Getting Started with Underwriting Quotes

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The Underwriting Quotes powered by XRAE tool is available exclusively on the Agent Portal.
It is not supported by Mobile technology at this time.