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April 20, 2022

New IUL + New Index from the Leader in IUL*

Coming April 25: The New SummitLife Indexed Universal Life (IUL).

With the new SummitLife Indexed Universal Life (IUL)** product, you’ll have everything you love about Peak, PLUS:

  • More Diversification – New custom index, the US Pacesetter, which complements the Balanced Trend Index.
  • More Opportunity – Expanded product marketability with juvenile availability allowing for family sales.
  • More Protection – New Overloan Protection Rider that may activate as early as age 65.

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Take a minute to learn how our custom indexes work, and how to identify and educate clients for whom they may be an ideal solution.

What is a Low Volatility Index

How to Have Compelling Client Conversations

* Life Annuity Specialist 3/16/2022
** Not Available in New York