The NextGen of eApp – Now Available!

Doing Business with Confidence, Convenience and a Customized Experience.


The NextGen of eApp will be enhanced through real-time interaction with third party databases. By capturing more information up front, the NextGen of eApp reduces the need for follow-up forms and questions.
Agents have stated the application is “easy and simple,” the “medical questions are amazing,” and the enhancements have created “a lot less back and forth.”


eApp will be restructured in the following way:

Step 1                                                                         Step 2                                                            Step 3

• Agent’s report                                                        • Customized & comprehensive              • Final signing
• Client general information                                    medical questions                                      ceremony
• HIPAA signing ceremony


LSW FlexLife II is launching January 26th, 2019 with more products to follow shortly.

Webinar Information:

English Webinars
• January 28: 10:30 am EST


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Contact the National Life Group Sales Desk at 1-800-906-3310, option 1.