The Do-Gooder – Protecting your clients from the NOT You

You want to do good for your clients. Often this means you take the initiative and jump on the phone with us to transact within their policy on their behalf. We get it. It’s helpful and they like it, because it makes their lives easier.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals like to prey on so many potential vulnerabilities, especially when they learn to sound like you on the phone.

That said, none of us can be too cautious in protecting your clients from the “not you.”

So, when you call us to work through your client’s policy information or transaction, we first ask you have the client on the phone too. Once we confirm you and your client’s identities, you can still speak on their behalf on the call to help them out, being the do-gooder that you are!

Check out our new video for a real-world example of how this would work.


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