LifeChanger Summer Survey Results

LifeChanger of the Year season is well under way and we’re excited to share with you the results of our latest summer survey of nominees and nominators.

We will be rolling it out through our websites, social media sites, email and news releases over the coming weeks.


We found again that educators spend an awful lot of time during the summer on professional development, continuing work and preparing for the next school year. And we also found that three-quarters of respondents dedicate at least seven extra hours a week to their job – and more than half dedicate at least 10 extra hours.


Additionally, we asked this year a lot more about retirement. What stresses educators the most? Personal finances. More than half are not confident or are unsure that they’ll have a secure retirement. Less than half said they planned to use a 403b plan to save for retirement, a significant opportunity.


You can find a summary of the survey here:

A downloadable infographic on all of the results is here:

Separate graphics on the retirement only questions is here:

Another on the education-specific questions is here:

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We are off to a strong start on this LifeChanger cycle. We’re closing in on 300 unique nominees already representing nearly 200 school districts around the country. We will be highlighting our Spotlight award in coming weeks because the deadline for it is Oct. 5. The Spotlight award focuses on a particular discipline, which this year is counseling.