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September 30, 2021

LifeChanger of the Year Annual Summer Survey Results Are In

How do educators feel about returning to the classroom?

LifeChanger of the Year released the results from its annual Summer Survey – a tradition that has been polling K-12 educators across the nation for years on key relevant topics and then sharing the results in Autumn.

This year’s questions focused on district, school, educator and student preparedness and readiness for back to school amid the COVID-19 crisis. We took the temperature (all the pun intended) on 450 K-12 school professionals to see how they are feeling about the return to school, what predictions they may have for the year and what their greatest needs are.

If you’re working in the 403(b) market, serving school employees, then the results of this survey are important to your business.

  • Insight into how educators are feeling and what schools are doing will help shape your approach for this school year.
  • Understanding and empathizing with school professionals will strengthen your relationships.
  • The survey results, infographic and social posts are all engagement tools for you to leverage in your marketing efforts this Fall.

It’s all here at https://www.lifechangeroftheyear.com/survey2021.

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