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March 6, 2019

Foundation Universal Life to be Retired

TotalSecure Whole Life Now an Appealing Option

To remain competitive and deliver on our client promises, we continue to simplify and improve the quality of our life insurance product lineup. As such, we will discontinue issuing new LSW Foundation Universal Life policies effective March 31, 2019.

But with the retirement of Foundation UL comes a new, viable opportunity.

We are introducing a flexible, whole life insurance product that can offer your clients similar benefits to Foundation UL and more: TotalSecure.

TotalSecure offers many of the advantages of UL, but with added features to help customize a policy around each client’s goals and budget.


life insurance protection they can count on.

provides potential to supplement retirement income through policy loans
and withdrawals.1

so they can access policy values.


Plus, we make it convenient and easy for you to issue new policies with customized case design options, eApp, and EZ Underwriting.

Visit the TotalSecure eKit to learn how it’s the most flexible whole life insurance product in the industry.

Or, attend an upcoming Total Secure Training Webinar to learn how it’s the most flexible whole life insurance product in the industry.

Foundation UL Sunset Notes:

  • Please submit all new business for Foundation UL by March 31, 2019.
  • We will no longer accept Foundation UL applications after March 31, 2019.
  • Illustrations, forms, eApp and other Foundation UL materials will be removed from the Agent Portal on March 30, 2019.
  • See Foundation UL Transition Rules for more details.


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  1. Guaranteed cash value accumulation assumes that all planned premiums are paid, and that the cash value illustrated is based on only guaranteed values. Actual results may be more or less favorable for values that include nonguaranteed dividends. Policy loans and withdrawals reduce the policy’s cash value and death benefit and may result in a taxable event.