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May 24, 2022

Available June 25: Inforce Policy Contract Changes Will Be Simpler With e-App!

No second guessing! e-App prompts all necessary questions and forms.

Coming soon, we’ll introduce a simpler way to complete an Inforce Policy Contract Change request – directly through e-App.

Taking advantage of our e-App platform, these requests can be initiated with full confidence that the right questions are being answered and the right forms are being completed.  Benefits that you’ll experience:

  • Easy to navigate electronic application through our e-App platform.
  • No second guessing!  Policy changes can be complex.  The policy change e-application will guide you through this process and prompt all the necessary questions and forms.
  • Contract Change applications will be electronically submitted to NLG – no more scanning and emailing!
  • Expedite overall change process by submitting all of the right documents in the first time.*
    • *Important:  Reach out to NLG home office to get quoted requirements before submitting a change request.
  • e-App now allows agents to complete all application types – new apps, term conversions and policy changes!