An Invitation from LifeChanger Grand Prize Winner Ana Rubio – help support her cause

Two years ago, Ana Rubio from Miami-Dade was selected as National Life’s grand prize winner for LifeChanger of the Year.

The positive impact Ana has had in Miami-Dade has been far reaching. In addition to working as a PE teacher in an underprivileged, gang infested southern Florida community, she is the founder and Executive Director of Streamline Miami, a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking barriers and providing access to enriching education opportunities for Miami’s disadvantaged youth.

Streamline Miami is hosting its first ever fundraising event and Ana wants to invite you.

I wish everyone at National Life Group and National Life’s field partners a very Happy New Year! May it be full of health, love and abundance. The reason why I am writing is I would like to extend a personal invitation to attend and support our 1st Streamline Miami Event.

The purpose of the Streamline Miami event is to help raise awareness about issues that affect education in urban areas. Every year we collaborate with the University of Miami, Butler Center for Student Volunteers and Leadership. Together with U.M., magical field trips are given, exposing Miami urban children to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

We also believe in exposing our students to enriching educational experiences related to the lessons given in class. During the summer of 2017, SMF was able to raise enough funds and sent 10 students to Washington D.C.. In December, SMF was able to send our chess team to a national chess tournament in Orlando, Florida.  The National Life Foundation has been a great support of our urban students and without that assistance our children would not have had these enriching experiences. Now, over 40 field trips are given throughout the school year.

These experiences have changed our school culture for the better. We were traditionally an “F” school and now we have been an “A” school for the past 2 years. It takes many to assist our beautiful urban children.

On Friday, February 1st, 2019 Streamline Miami Foundation will have its first annual event. This will be an evening where we want to celebrate our dedicated urban teachers and community partners. Many have confirmed their attendance: University of Miami, SunTrust, Marshall’s, Costco, Boat’s Group and many more. Commissioner Willy Gort of District #1 has confirmed his attendance to the evening. I am hoping many from National Life Group and its field partners will come and join in the celebration. It is our time to thank you!

This event will feature urban artist Rodney Royal who will create a live art work and he will auction several of his best works. We will conduct a “Good Deeds” auction which is so fun. We will have surprising entertainment, and food by an incredible chef, “Pop.”

Please consider attending our event. If you are interested in attending please register on the link below. If you can’t make it but would like to make a donation in support please feel free to do so on the link below.

Because of your support of urban teachers and students, great strides have occurred. I am so happy to have had the experience of meeting many of you during the “Life Changer of the Year” award in 2017 and 2018.

Please share this email and invite with any of your contacts who happen to be employed in a business or corporation. We are trying to grow our community partnerships and help is needed to reach out to our neighbors. Let’s network together and get a chance to meet more great people from Miami.