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August 11, 2020

Do Your Clients Know the Coverage They Need?

Do your clients know about living benefits?

A recent LIMRA MarketFacts* report indicates that the knowledge gap about life insurance between the insured and uninsured is quite real. These findings suggest that this contributes to keeping the uninsured, well, uninsured. The report states that the average consumer understands just 28 percent of life insurance material. And that lack of understanding only helps to fuel apprehension in purchasing coverage.

Take the time to teach your prospective clients about all the features of life insurance, with a particular focus on areas they may be less familiar with, like Living Benefits. Learn about their top financial concerns and talk to them about the life insurance solutions that can help to address them, such as the potential to grow to cash value for retirement savings or the ability to access their death benefit while living if they have a qualifying chronic, critical or terminal illness.

Equip your clients with the knowledge that life insurance can offer them protection beyond a death benefit and help them make educated and informed decisions.

Be sure to create awareness of the all benefits of life insurance by staying active on social media and using the Financial Puzzle Story to educate your prospects!

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*Source: LIMRA MarketFacts, 2020