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January 13, 2022

The Refreshed TotalSecure has Launched!

TotalSecure and Term Updates

This week marked the official launch of a refreshed TotalSecure. This refresh was completed due to the current regulatory environment and other external factors. Please read below to review the published changes.

TotalSecure (Whole Life)

Our updated TotalSecure Whole Life product is now live and you will see it reflected in the illustration system. TotalSecure remains the most flexible Whole Life product in the industry that offers predictable guarantees. Convenient to issue and manage, it can provide a solution that meets many needs. With these regulatory changes, TotalSecure continues to offer living benefits and its guarantees remain strong and competitive. For a product refresher, be sure to sign up for a training session and find marketing ideas in this robust ekit. You can also reference changes in these transition rules

Term Series

Our Term Series products offer a broad line-up of options for clients. As a reminder, Term applications dated 1/22/2022 or after with a face amount of $250,000 or less will only allow best risk classes of Standard Non-Tobacco or Standard Tobacco. Effective immediately, this change is live in the illustration system.