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February 17, 2022

The 2021 Overall e$Bee Awards Go To…

In addition to our quarterly recognition, we’d like to recognize 2021’s Overall Award Winners!

The National Life Group payroll slot bonus program encourages new 403(b), 457(b) & 3121 plan1 slot openings, prolonged, consistent application submissions over time, and matches the pre-established production requirements for slot protection. When you open a new slot2 or activate a dormant slot, you can be eligible to participate.

Participation equals payout and the highest bonus wins the Payroll Slot Bonus, or e$Bee, Award!


2021’s Annual Agency e$Bee Award is presented to ValuTeachers!

As the agency with the most policies issued under the Slot Bonus Program, ValuTeachers will receive a “2021 Valuteachers” block to add to their 2020 e$Bee Award.


2021’s Allstar Agent e$Bee Award is presented to Rodney K.!

As the agent that wrote the most apps in 2021 under the Slot Bonus Program, Rodney will receive a framed “AllStar” Certificate along with an e$Bee Busy Bee T-shirt.


In addition to your regular comp, this payment schedule is an example of how your participation could pay off.

For a plan with 2,000 employees, maximum payouts are:
$2,000    initial bonus
+ $3,000    year 1 bonus from meeting production
+ $4,000    year 2 bonus from meeting production
+ $6,000    year 3 bonus from meeting production
= $15,000  TOTAL slot bonus potential from this one plan!

What will YOUR payout be?

Program Details:

To participate, the Slot Bonus Request Form must be completed and submitted prior to submitting the first application.

For more information contact your
Retirement Services Relationship Manager.


Slot bonus payments go to representatives in the usual manner depending on Agency preference.  The e$Bee Award acknowledges the person who received the highest dollar amount in 2021 and consists of a Framed Award Certificate and a Busy Bee T-shirt. Winners are announced at the end of each quarter.

  1. 3121 plans will be considered for payout once the assets have transferred to NLG and number of participants have been confirmed.
  2. The company name on the slot must be National Life Group. All other slot names do not qualify for the slot bonus program.