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September 8, 2021

Submit Complete Forms on the First Try!

New instruction pages on Change Application 1441 and Supplement to the Application 20114 forms.

Are you tired of back-and-forth and delayed requests as a result of incomplete forms?

The NIGO (Not in good order) Research Team from Contract Change understands how easy it is to miss something when completing forms! We brainstormed to create a tool to help and now introduce to you a quick instruction guide for these forms to assist you and your applicants with your requests.

– Change Application 1441
– Supplement to the Application 20114

The instructions provide an overview of each form with easy-to-follow guided assistance through each section.  Our goal is to simplify your forms experience to eliminate the high volume of incomplete requests received, and reduce back and forth and delays in processing.

At National Life Group our customers (buying and selling) are our priority and we strive to deliver the best possible service we can!

Please look for the simple instruction page on the Change Application 1441 form and Supplement to the Application 20114 form available now!