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June 29, 2020

Start Selling Today! 4 Single Premium Indexed Annuities You Can Bank On

Available Now!

Products are pending availability in these states: DE, NJ, and OR. Not approved in NY.

Whether it’s accumulation, lifetime income or guarantees against loss due to market volatility, FIT Single Premium Indexed Annuities offer custom solutions for lump sum premium customers.

  • Two customized index crediting options fuel growth potential and protect from market downside through guaranteed minimums1
  • Rate Booster crediting options provide higher participation rates or caps
  • Unique Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders (GLIR) are for the FIT Focus Income and FIT Horizon Income products
    • Choice of two GLIR options to optimize income or accumulation
    • Incapacity-triggered2 GLIR Income Doubler doubles income when it matters the most (not available in California)
  • Legacy Death Benefit Rider is optional on FIT Focus Growth and FIT Horizon Growth products

Now, you can help your clients grow and protect their retirement savings to be FIT –
Financially Independent for Tomorrow.

Four new FIT Single Premium Indexed Annuities with features your lump-sum premium customer – and you – will love.

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1 Protection of premiums paid and interest earned from index declines assume no withdrawals during the withdrawal charge period.  Rider charges continue to be deducted regardless of whether interest is credited. 

2  Doubles the standard GLIR payment for up to 5 years if annuitant is permanently unable to perform 2 of 6 activities of daily living.