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March 20, 2019

Security Updates Regarding Access to Your Agent Portal

UPDATE:  Action Needed Regarding Your Access to the National Life Group Agent Portal

Last year we underwent a security upgrade requiring Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to access your agent portal.

National Life Group values the security of you and your clients and is making changes to our portal to better protect you. In the coming months we will be disabling email MFA, and will be using SMS text notifications as the preferred method for you to authenticate your identity when logging into your agent portal.

What do we need from you?

Please log into the agent portal, and click on “My Profile” to update your cell phone number.  Once you are in the “My Profile” section, type your number in the “Cell Phone” field and click the “Update” button.

If we do not have a cell phone number for you when email authentication is discontinued, you may need to call the Service Desk for authentication and assistance with logging into the portal.  We are also working on an alternate method of security verification for those who are unable to receive text messages.

Please note:  Sharing User IDs is not permitted.  If you need to request Agent Portal access for an additional user, please complete the Access Request form and submit it through your agency.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Questions?  Contact the National Life Group Help Desk at 877-654-3499, option 1.