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January 22, 2020

Quick Hit Sales Idea: Try Writing a Check to Yourself

Traditional IRA for Individual Tax Deduction

Tax time is here. And there’s a pretty good chance that clients who owed last year will owe again this year.

The opportunity

How much does the average American pay in taxes?

Hint: The average household has a five-figure tax bill.*

When clients contribute to an IRA, it’s a win-win.

Win:  They write a check to their future selves in the form of retirement income.

Win:  Their tax deduction reduces their taxable income.


In 2020, your clients under 50 can contribute $6,000 and clients over 50 can contribute $7,000.**

Also, if they owe for last year they will probably owe again for this year so go ahead and also start them on backdraft contributions, so they can spread the contribution out over the year versus making a large payment next year.

Be aware that a deductible IRA contribution won’t reduce their tax owed by an equal amount. Work with your clients’ tax advisors to determine how much to contribute to an IRA that fits within your clients’ cash flow needs and leaves them enough money for any remaining future tax bills.

What might that prospect look like

Anyone who owes money to the IRS. That’s a whole lot of clients!

Start the conversation now

  • Did you owe taxes last year?
  • Are you worried you may owe this year?
  • Would you like to pay yourself before paying the IRS?

Many will answer yes to one of these questions and will be looking to you for solutions.

Products to solve for

Accumulation Focus FIT Secure Growth
Income Focus FIT Certain Income

Now, make it happen!

IRA Landing Page


**IRA deductibility may be limited for high income earners.