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December 19, 2018

Only One Week Left to Nominate a LifeChanger!

Do you know a teacher or school employee who’s a LifeChanger in their school community? Only one week remains to nominate them for the 2018-19 LifeChanger of the Year award!

Nominate a LifeChanger this weekend, and you’ll be entered to receive a $100 Amazon gift card! Nominate up to three K-12 educators or school employees to increase your chances of winning.

Nominate a LifeChanger

Here’s what your LifeChanger nominee will receive:

• A holiday picture frame with a personal message from you
• A unique profile on our website where supporters can rally behind them.
• A congratulatory certificate & poster sent to their school.
• A chance to win a luxurious trip to Hawaii for two.
• A chance to win one of 16 cash prizes up to $10,000.