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November 18, 2020

Now Available: 3rd Quarter Financials at a Glance

National Life continues to show resilience in challenging times.

Times have changed, and National Life Group is rising to the challenge. Every year, we release our Business Highlights, which is a great resource to show that our financial strength is rock solid and built on over 170 years of keeping our promises. As demand for marketing tools and resources has increased, we launched NLG Financials at a Glance earlier this year. This document will be updated and released quarterly to discuss the financial strength of the company in an easily digestible format.

Nine months into 2020, our business is showing resilience in challenging times. Our year-to-date results are consistent with the prior year period, despite some quarterly volatility from mortality and asset market values.

Our balance sheet continues to provide a foundation of financial strength with a high quality investment portfolio, ample liquidity and strong statutory capital. Our full suite of life products continue to meet the growing needs of Middle America, with application volumes that are outpacing prior year, and our life face amount in-force reached $200 billion, doubling since 2016.

Now more than ever, we are laser focused on our mission to keep our promises and provide families with stability and financial peace of mind.

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