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November 10, 2021

NLG Q3 2021 Financials At-a-Glance

NLG closes strong first nine months and enhances capital position.

On the heels of credit rating upgrades from both A.M. Best and Moody’s Investor Service, National Life Group came out of the second quarter with wind in our sails – and the third quarter did not disappoint.

Our life sales broke $100M for the fourth straight quarter, our flow annuity premiums in September were the highest month ever, and our core earnings for the first nine months were exceptional. In addition, in early October we seized a unique market opportunity to further strengthen our capital position by issuing $750M of long term contingent debt at an attractive cost.

We’re excited about how this will help us bring peace of mind to more of Middle America, the most
underserved segment of the market, and we look forward to finishing the year strong!

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