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October 17, 2018

New Whole Life Statements Coming Soon!

Introducing the new Whole Life Statements below!

Later this month the redesigned Whole Life Statements will be sent to your customers!


The new design provides simple, yet detailed information related to the product they purchased.

See these exciting changes for yourself!


Old Design

General Statement – Modern New Design

Click here for a closer look!

A few highlights…

  • Reminder to review beneficiaries
  • Definitions of Dividend Options and Policy Coverage Key Terms
  • “Peace of Mind” Section to display any living benefits
  • “Where You Are Today” section to show summary of policy values
  • Improved Policy Coverage Section to clearly display client’s death benefit protection


More on the Life & Annuity Statement Redesign Project

The Life & Annuity Statement Redesign Project is an important step toward our goal of improving customer experience and achieving 1,000,000 delighted customers by 2020.  We continue to work with the Customer Portal and Customer Experience project teams to ensure that consistent communication and information is provided to our buying and selling customers.

Creating an enhanced customer experience translates into policy persistency and, ultimately, greater inclination toward premium increase. Good for them. Good for you. Good for us.