National Life and LifeChanger Now Offering Educators a Seat in TED Masterclass

National Life is teaming up with TED this school season to offer K-12 school employees the opportunity to share their ideas with the world.

For nearly a decade our LifeChanger of the Year program has been celebrating passionate school employees who are cause-driven, who strive for innovation and who are making an impact. Offering this value-add is one more way the program aims to elevate teacher leaders and K-12 employees in their schools, communities and beyond.

TED Masterclass is an online curriculum designed specifically for school employees allowing them to identify and refine their ideas into one powerful message delivered through a TED style talk. Through the LifeChanger program, National Life is giving 100 school employees across the country the chance to participate in this curriculum free of charge. With this comes the opportunity to record their talk at an exclusive showcase event and submit to TED.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we are inviting school employees from the following regions to apply to participate:

  • Southern Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Washington DC
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas
  • Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington

Looking to stand out? Offering this opportunity to your school employee contacts and clients is one more way you can provide value that the competition isn’t doing.

Look for applications to open on the LifeChanger website this month.

You can begin to generate interest in your meetings with school employees. Remember that any electronic communication (email, social media, etc.) within school districts or that mentions National Life requires prior compliance review and approval.