Meeting with school administrators over summer break?

If you serve the 403(b) space then you know summer time is not always the quiet time.

It can be a great opportunity to get in front of school administrators while the day to day grind of a typical school day is on pause. It’s an ideal time to get their attention and have them focus on all you can offer that’s different from the competition – including LifeChanger of the Year.


National Life’s LifeChanger of the Year is a nationally recognized program that aims to do just the same for school employees. Show administrators how they can implement this recognition tool in their schools, celebrating their district’s top school employees while giving them a chance at one of 17 cash prizes, national recognition and an opportunity at a five star resort vacation.


Don’t forget to mention that these cash prizes are split between the winner and their school.


We’ve got everything you need to implement LifeChanger in your schools, including:

  • Promotional materials like the LCOY tri-fold, poster and table tent.
  • LCOY PowerPoint presentation. Great for showing how schools can benefit from adopting this recognition tool. Works great for faculty meetings during the year, too!

Plus, we’ve got a collection of marketing support to help you and the school celebrate the nominee once the nomination has been submitted.

All of these materials can be found here.


And of course you do not need to serve the 403(b) market to leverage LCOY. Build your brand in your community by nominating and celebrating an educator (or three) with a LifeChanger nomination.