Marketing/Application Resources Update

New, Updated, and Obsolete marketing content from June 1st – July25th, 2019.

Marketing Updates

New marketing

(new) FIT SPDA Landing Page

Comprehensive agent resource for selling FIT SPDAs


FIT Single Premium Fixed Indexed Annuity products let you fit the right solution to each client’s needs to protect and grow assets or generate income for life.


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(new) Annuity Product Selector Guide

Agent flyer


Single and multiple premium product decision tree based on two factors:  income v. accumulation and time horizon.


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Also located on the FIT SPDA Landing Page



(new) Understanding LexisNexis® Risk Classifier

Consumer education flyer


Help consumers understand the EZ Underwriting process and the types of data gathered by LexisNexis.


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What’s your game plan?


(updated) 403(b) Playbook

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(new) 457(b) Playbook

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(new) IRA Playbook

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Comprehensive resources for agents to prep and execute their selling game plan


Everything agents need to engage prospects, build relationships and maintain a solid client base in these growing retirement plan markets.


Additional NEW marketing resources…

Annuity / Retirement Pieces

  • 104483 – Annuity Product Selector Guide – NEW

Updated Marketing

PIP PIP Hooray!

(updated) Premium Increase Program eKit

Program tool kit


Earn full commission on qualifying increases to existing FLOW policies or qualifying lump sum contributions.


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Minor updates…

Education Increases Participation

Plan sponsor-directed brochure

Supports the request to hold group and individual meetings with the benefit of both increasing employee participation in the 403(b) or 457(b) as well as meeting 403(b) Universal Availability requirements.  View


403(b) Solutions for You

Plan participant-directed brochure

General education.  Handout or insert in benefit enrollment kits  View


457(b) Solutions for You

Plan participant-directed brochure

General education.  Handout or insert in benefit enrollment kits  View


Retire with Income That Cannot be Outlived

Plan participant-directed flyer

Focus on the GLIR with an enrollment call-to-action.  Handout or insert in benefit enrollment kits  View


Competitive Advantages

Plan sponsor-directed brochure

Why work with NLG?  Use when prospecting  View


Life Pieces

  • 103053 – Large Case Team Flyer – Underwriting
  • 103929 – iGo eApp Quick Reference Guide trifold – New Business
  • 64240 – IncomeBuilder Consumer Brochure

Obsolete Marketing Resources

  • 102128 – 403(b) Universal Availability Flyer


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Application Updates

Annuity Suitability Form 10068 Update

The Annity Suitability form has been updated to include two additional New York only questions.  Section I, Question 9 has been added to include New York agents’ compliance with New York’s Best Interest Rule (Regulation 187).

Additionally, there is a revision on the annuity purchase objectives in Section III, Question 17. “Immediate Income” is replacing “Current Income”.

Florida suitability forms are not impacted by this change.