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May 7, 2020

Looking for the Right Marketing Resources? There’s an eKit for That!

Communication is more important than ever today and National Life is committed to providing you with the marketing resources to engage with your clients and prospects. eKits are a great tool to have at your fingertips for specific products or concepts and feature a variety of marketing materials, such as emails, fliers, brochures and more.

eKits Currently Available

Many eKits are available on the Agent Portal, but it’s recommended for you to bookmark those you use often for easy access.

  • Client Engagement eKit: Learn how to help your clients understand the best ways to access their policies while also protecting their living and death benefit guarantees.
  • Puzzle eKit: Tools to help you vet your client’s goals and offer solutions, whether it’s death benefit protection, access to money for serious medical emergencies, a lifetime of income or any combination of these.
  • IUL Storybook eKit: Bedtime stories to help showcase Indexed Universal Life Insurance’s greatest features so your clients can take comfort in all that IUL has to offer.
  • Term to Perm eKit: This eKit will help you connect with and educate your clients on the benefits of converting their term policies while they are still eligible.
  • Charitable Matching Gift eKit: Show your clients how to leave a meaningful legacy through our Charitable Matching Gift Rider on FlexLife Indexed Universal Life insurance policies.
  • Gift for Life eKit: This eKit provides material you can use to prospect and educate your clients on the benefits of gifting life insurance.
  • FIT eKit: Help your clients build, grow and protect their retirement savings to be FIT… Financially Independent for Tomorrow.
  • FIT Retirement eKit: The FIT Retirement Series lets you choose flexible premium indexed annuities to customize a strategy for each client’s specific accumulation and income goals.
  • IRA eKit: Take a look at the four most common types of IRAs and identify your clients for whom they may work well.
  • LifeChanger Agent eKit: A unique opportunity to recognize individuals who make an impact on children and to establish and maintain relationships in the community you work in.
  • Prizes for Pages eKit: Use the Prizes for Pages program to build relationships in school districts by promoting and rewarding literacy!
  • 403(b) Plan eKit: This eKit offers steps to find and engage 403(b) plan prospects, build successful relationships, and provides access to helpful tools to serve clients and partner with National Life Group.
  • 457(b) Plan eKit: Consider this eKit as your roadmap to many opportunities in the 457(b) plan market. Find step-by-step guidance to find and engage plan prospects and tips to build successful relationships.

Need a product refresher?

  • IUL eKit: Marketing tools that promote indexed universal life insurance from National Life … Protecting what matters most.
  • IUL Index eKit: Learn how index crediting works to promote upside potential and downside protection.
  • Total Secure eKit Resources to offer predictable guarantees on the most flexible whole life product in the industry.
National Life Group is known for keeping our promises, and we will continue to deliver that message through our marketing strategies.

Reaching out to your clients is more important than ever today. Here are some tips to help you start the conversation. Thank you for continuing to Do GoodBe Good and Make Good for your customers.