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September 1, 2021

Looking for More Opportunities to Sell Flexible Premium Annuities in the Retirement Market?

Talk with your clients about their needs *in addition to* their employer plan.

These questions can help you uncover IRA sales opportunities. They are not just relevant to your client’s situation at-hand; they can lead to discussion about a spouse, a friend, a coworker…in short, a referral.

Remember, Flexible Premium Annuities within an IRA are eligible for the Premium Increase Program (PIP) which rewards you for helping existing customers reach their retirement goals by increasing their ongoing annuity contributions.

Ask your clients if they…

Have maxed out contributions to their employer-sponsored plan, have income below the deductibility limits, and would like to save more?
Have a spouse or family member who does not have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan?
Are seeking tax-deferral on contributions, a tax deduction and anticipate their income tax bracket at retirement to be lower than their current bracket?
Are seeking tax-free withdrawals in retirement to balance their retirement portfolio?
Have retired or are retiring shortly?

The IRA landing page helps you successfully maneuver this opportunity.

  • Which IRA solution – individual or business
  • Prospect profiles for each solution
  • Step-by-step how to establish an IRA
  • And, don’t forget to take advantage of consumer-facing emails and social media posts!

Visit the IRA Landing Page to access the resources below.

Is an IRA the solution?