June is Annuity Awareness Month!

Did you know that annuities might be the one financial vehicle with the lowest level of awareness and the highest level of misunderstanding?  This is the perfect time to make your clients aware and understand the value of adding Fixed Indexed Annuities to their retirement plan, and here is why…

June is Annuity Awareness Month, so take this opportunity to educate your clients on the benefits of these multipurpose products.

It is safe to say that most of them desire at least one of the following: protection of premium, deferring taxes, upside interest crediting potential or an income stream. Are you aware that a fixed indexed annuity with National Life Group can solve ALL of these desires, if used properly?

Here’s a little history on the birth of FIAs:

National Life Group, through its member company Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, was among the first insurance carriers to offer Fixed Indexed Annuities, and remains the longest standing issuer of FIAs in the marketplace today.1  We’ve been committed to meeting client needs with FIA products for more than 20 years, which is why we are product experts and innovators for this retirement solution.  In fact, we are consistently ranked the #1 provider of fixed indexed annuities in employer-sponsored plans, including 403(b) and 457(b) plans.2

Why settle for the rest, when you can do business with the best?

We will provide you the resources, you just have to implement them into your business!

One of our Top 12 Annuity marketing pieces, Top 10 Reasons to Purchase an Indexed Annuity flyer highlights multiple reasons from our customers directly as to why they choose to add a Fixed Indexed Annuity from National Life Group into their retirement plan.


Get to know more about National Life Group’s total FIA offering with the Fixed Indexed Annuities Training Brochure.

Check out additional resources on the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council website  and help increase awareness about annuity products during Annuity Awareness Month.


1 Insurance News Net, FIAs at Age 20, 2015
2 LIMRA US Individual Annuity Industry Sales Report, 4Q2018

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