LSW Term Introduced to the NextGen of eApp

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The NextGen of eApp continues its evolution by making exciting changes, that you have asked for, and adding more products! LSW Term is the newest addition to the NextGen experience, and will be introduced on March 30th.

Agents have stated the application is “easy and simple to understand” and the enhancements have created “a lot less back and forth.” They are giving this NextGen of eApp “two thumbs up!”



We have prepared a ton of helpful information and materials to help you and your clients get to know the NextGen of eApp.

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The NextGen eApp continues to evolve with your feedback!

The Banking Information & Interest Crediting form are now located after the clients initial signing ceremony.

Beneficiary address information is no longer a required field.

Additional products transitioning to the NextGen experience this summer, so stay tuned!


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