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June 24, 2021

Check Out Our Latest Installment of the Digital Deep Dive

Easily access your client information on the Agent Mobile App!

Did you know the all-new agent mobile app provides a quick and easy way to view all of your clients? The all-new Client Information section puts your entire book of business in your pocket.

  • Access policy details, including the latest values, transactions, and statements.
  • See the same GLIR and Interest Crediting tools available to your clients on the Client Mobile App, if applicable.

Download the app today – and follow these steps from the palm of your hand!

  • Tap menu button to open the main menu
  • Select “Client Information”

  • See a complete and consolidated list of your clients, sorted alphabetically.
  • Glance at the number next to their name to see how many policies are associated with each client.

  • Tap “Filter” to search for a specific client, client type or even birth date.

  • Tap on any client to get their details, including birthdate, how long they have been associated with National Life and contact information.
  • Tap “Activities” to jump directly to their Client Intelligence activity.
  • View a complete list of their policies – whether they are the owner, insured, annuitant or any combination.

  • Tap on a policy to access a wealth of policy values and information.
  • View their latest values, payment details, loan information and more.
  • View documents including statements – providing you with the ability to reference statements and answer questions ANYWHERE.
  • For policies with GLIR, view simple projections.
  • For Indexed Products, get rich allocation and Interest Credit details.