Doing Business with National Life Group Just Got Easier

We understand the more time you spend with your clients, the more time you are bringing peace of mind to everyone you touch.  That’s why we have made updates and enhancements to the below new business reports…more time selling, less time waiting!


National Life Group continues to improve our reporting capabilities and our goal is to make it a seamless process to do business with us!

Starting the week of May 13th, the following changes and enhancements will be made to the All New Business Policies Report and the Transfer/Exchange/Rollover Report:

All New Business Policies – Improved overall usability

  • Re-oriented the report around “Submit Date”
  • Included “Anticipated Transfer Premium” as a field
  • Improved the Insured/Annuitant search to work with just a partial name vs. exact

Transfer / Exchange / Rollover – Makes it easy to identify top cases

  • This report is brand new!
  • Removed the need to drill down to get into an individual agent’s data by bringing all the data up onto the first page
  • Allows you to filter by agency, agent, status, and time period
  • Users can customize the fields in the report similar to the “All New Business Policies” report
  • Re-oriented the report around “Submit Date”
  • You can export ALL data in one Excel file, which you can then manipulate

Our hope is that these changes allow you the convenience of doing business with National Life Group.

Thank you for your business and continued support.