Commission Process Enhancements Coming Soon – Action Needed!

You’ve asked for more flexibility and better reporting and we’ve listened.

National Life is making significant investments in upgrading our commission systems and reporting capabilities. In the near future you will be able to maintain and update your own pay profile and banking information, as well as other benefits. More information will be coming, but first, we need your help.

Note if you do not receive commission payments directly from National Life Group, no action is required from you.

For all agents whose contract date is prior to December 14th, 2018, please complete the following steps. All other agents contracted after December 14th, will have access to this information later in February.

  1. Log into our new Commission Payment Portal, which can be accessed through the agent portal under “Business Tools” and look for “Commission Payment Portal”.
  2. Validate/update your pay profile and banking information.

Changes will not go live until later this year. If you have changes that need to happen before we go live you can call our Customer Service Center at 800-906-3310.