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September 22, 2021

Back to School: Offer School Employees the Financial Education They Need

Use this turnkey presentation kit, the ABCs of Financial Fitness Series, to connect with educators.

As ironic as it is, the one sector who values education and life-long learning the most is often undereducated when it comes to understanding the basics of finances. But why? We can tell you it’s not for lack of interest. Too often, school employees are not offered the financial education they need to make informed decisions about their spending habits, debt management, school loans and retirement savings. Without the proper knowledge of how finances work, educators lack the confidence and initiative to take control.

Let’s Change That

With our ABCs of Financial Fitness series, school employees can access pertinent financial education designed to cover the basics, giving them the confidence to feel empowered to advocate for their best futures.

Ask schools if you can facilitate – in-person or virtually – this education program to their employees today!

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