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December 17, 2020

A Refresher on the 2020 IUL Updates

Review our updated marketing and training materials!

With IUL product and illustration updates now in effect, make sure you review the updated product features and new illustration design: 

Product Features:

  • For FlexLife, the new bonus structurethe Interest Bonus, optimizes illustrated values for your clients under the new regulation and varies according to index crediting strategy. Get to know the current bonus rates for FlexLife. 
  • For PeakLife, clients now have a choice between the new Interest Bonus and the Enhancer Bonus options at issuegiving them the flexibility to choose their bonus features. Get to know the current bonus rates for PeakLife. 

Illustration Features: 

  • Credit Suisse Balanced Trend index is now the default strategy, offering your clients the largest Interest Bonus for both FlexLife and PeakLife. 
  • Loan rates can now be adjusted upward for Participating Variable and Standard Loans. 

Visit the IUL eKit for all update marketing and training materials.