July 13, 2022

Get Paid 10x MORE with the Slot Bonus Summer Special

Application Bonus x10 paid per Flow Annuity application in new slots.

When you open a new slot or activate a dormant slot…

Incentive Dates

July 18 – September 30, 2022

Agent Eligibility

All agents1 actively writing and in good standing with National Life Group, including ESI Registered Representatives. Agencies reserve the right to restrict agent participation.

Policy Eligibility

Policy2 is eligible for incentive bonus when the following requirements are met.

Requirement 1
FIT Secure Growth or FIT Select Income policy application must be associated with one of the following lines of business: 403(b), 457(b) or 31211 and include scheduled salary reduction contributions. Learn more on the FIT Flexible Premium Indexed Annuities landing page.

Requirement 2
Application must be submitted via eApp within 90 days of the Plan open date. Launch eApp.

How to Open a New or Activate a Dormant Slot

To participate, the Slot Bonus Request Form2 must be completed and submitted prior to submitting the first application.

  1. 3121 plans will be considered for payout once the assets have transferred to NLG and number of participants have been confirmed.
  2. The company name on the slot must be National Life Group. All other slot names do not qualify for the slot bonus program.
  3. Bonus awarded only to the agent(s) whose signature and number appear on the application.
  4. Application eligibility is based on date submitted; split application bonus will be based on agents’ app percentages.
  5. We reserve the right to exclude business that is deemed incomplete or NIGO due to negative persistency or placement. Premium Increase Program (PIP) is excluded.