July 20, 2022

A Call to BUILD | Summertime Myths Debunked

Gather insights from industry top producers on how they continue growing during the summer months.

Join us on July 20 as we debunk some of the summertime myths around business development. Often, producers use excuses as to why their business slows down in the summer. Still, we’ve gathered some insights from some industry top producers on what they do to continue growing during the summer months.

July 20, 2022
12 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST

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What’s on the Agenda

Congratulations to BUILD Summit Qualifiers
BUILD Co-Founder James Dean, President, JD Financial Group

Summer Myths Debunked
“Nobody’s Working” – Anthony Stewart, President American Classic Agency
6 Months Makes a year – James Dean and Dr. Addo, JD Financial Group
I’m Good! – Kimberly Y. and Bennie Evans, EVPs Five Rings Financial

Summer Reading Recommendations
Leadership Council

Anthony Stewart
President, American Classic Agency
James Q Dean
President and Founder of JD Financial Group and Associates Inc. Member of National Life Group
Dr. Kathryn Addo
Sr. Director of Community Relations, JD Financial Group

Kimberly Y
EVP, Five Rings Financial
Bennie Evans
EVP, Five Rings Financial
NeAndre Broussard
Key Accounts Representative for National Life Group

Together, we represent an underrepresented yet significant voice in the financial services industry. Together we have a unique opportunity to empower everyone in our communities. We look forward to seeing – and hearing – from you on July 20!

See you soon,
James & NeAndre