June 1, 2022

Looking for the right marketing resources? There’s an eKit for that!

Bookmark these eKits for easy access to powerful marketing tools.

eKits are a great tool to have at your fingertips for specific products or concepts and feature a variety of marketing materials, such as emails, fliers, brochures, and more.
Many eKits are available on the Agent Portal, but it’s recommended for you to bookmark those you use often for easy access.

BasicSecure ekit image

Find out how BasicSecure is designed to offer straightforward protection for the home, the family and income.


You’ve Reached the Peak…Now to the Summit!

IUL ekit image

Marketing tools that promote indexed universal life insurance from National Life … Protecting what matters most.

IUL index image

IUL Index
Learn how index crediting works to promote upside potential and downside protection.

TotalSecure image

Resources to offer predictable guarantees on the most flexible whole life product in the industry.

Term Conversion Playbook ekit image

Term Conversion Playbook
Helping you connect with, converse with and convert eligible clients with term policies to a permanent life insurance solution.

FlexLife ekit image

Charitable Matching Gift
How to leave a meaningful legacy through our Charitable Matching Gift Rider on FlexLife Indexed Universal Life insurance policies.

Client engagement ekit image

Client Engagement
Help your clients understand the best ways to access their policies while also protecting their living and death benefit guarantees.

Gift for Life ekit image

Gift for Life
Prospect and educate your clients on the benefits of gifting life insurance.


IUL Storybook ekit image

IUL Storybook
Bedtime stories to help showcase Indexed Universal Life Insurance’s greatest features.

Puzzle ekit image

ABR Puzzle
Tools to help you vet your client’s goals and offer solutions.

FIT Single ekit image

FIT Single Premium Indexed Annuities
FIT Single Premium Indexed Annuities offer custom financial solutions funded by lump sum premium.

FIT Flexible Premium Indexed Annuities
The FIT FIT Flexible Premium Indexed Annuities let you choose from two flexible premium indexed annuities to customize a strategy for each client.

Engage! ekit image

Engage! Toolkit
A step-by-step guide to help you prepare for and facilitate virtual business with current and prospective clients, both individually and within schools.

PIP ekit image

Premium Increase Program (PIP)
The Premium Increase Program (PIP) is designed to reward your good client service.

FIT ekit image

Build, grow and protect their retirement savings to be FIT… Financially Independent for Tomorrow.

IRA updated ekit image

Take a look at the four most common types of IRAs and identify your clients for whom they may work well.


403(b) Playbook image

403(b) Playbook
Your resource to the many opportunities in the 403(b) plan market.

457(b) Playbook image

457(b) Playbook
This Playbook is your roadmap to the many opportunities in the 457(b) plan market.

BOP eKit
Balanced Opportunities Platform
Balanced Opportunities is a turn-key retirement platform for the 403(b) and 457 market that offers National Life Group Fixed Indexed Annuities with Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders (GLIR)


Exclusive to the Educator Market

LifeChanger agent ekit image

A unique opportunity to recognize individuals who make an impact on children and to establish and maintain relationships in the community you work in.

Prizes for Pages ekit image

Prizes for Pages
Use the Prizes for Pages program to build relationships in school districts by promoting and rewarding literacy!

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Executive Bonus Playbook
Executive bonus plans offer several advantages to both the employer and the employee.

Qualified Plans Playbook
Offer solutions to business owners.

Social Media Playbook ekit image
NEW Social Media Playbook
Your path to social media success!


Affiliated Playbook


Independent Playbook

Rapid Response Center
Supporting your business in a changing environment.


See how eApp reduces the need for follow-up questions and forms and creates a smoother process.


Customer Mobile App and Registration eKit
Save yourself time in the long run by encouraging your customers to use the Customer Mobile App.

Recruit for Success

Recruit for Success – Independent
We’re here to help recruit and retain top talent.


Recruiting – Affiliated
Recruit, retain and repeat with this recruiting guide.


Onboarding – Independent
Access these training modules 24/7.


Onboarding – Career
Access these training modules 24/7.