August 27, 2019

Coming Soon – Important Changes to our Annuity Outstanding Requirements Process

National Life Group continues to make it easier to do business with us.

Starting September 9th, National Life’s New Business Team will begin using DocuSign to make it quicker and easier to obtain outstanding requirements for annuities.

Please note that this is available in all states except CA and is only available on annuity products at this time.

To watch a video walkthrough, click HERE



  1. Not in Good Order (NIGO) email is sent to the Agent outlining requirements.
  2. A separate DocuSign email is sent to the Agent to complete.
    • Agent will need their access code to access DocuSign at this step.
  3. Once Agent completes their portion, DocuSign will automatically send an email to the Customer for signature and date.
    • Customer will need their access code to access DocuSign at this step.
    • IF no email for the Customer is on file, Agent will be required to enter the Customer’s email.
  4. Once all Users have completed DocuSign, an email will be sent to everyone and will include updated and signed PDFs.
    • DO NOT send a copy to National Life. DocuSign delivers signed copies automatically to National Life.



  • NLG will only accept DocuSign which is initiated by the Case Manager in New Business. Any electronic signature through any other means, for corrections to pending business, will not be accepted.
  • Every NIGO will have the option to complete using DocuSign. The Client or Agent can opt-out of the electronic signature option at any time and then proceed via hard copy and wet signature(s). Documents will be available for print through DocuSign.
  • The same New Business communication model will be followed for the DocuSign emails.
    • Based on the Agency’s preference, they may receive the first email, CC’d or not be included.
    • The Agent will ALWAYS receive the DocuSign email prior to the Customer receiving the DocuSign email.
    • The Case Manager will continue to follow-up with the Agency/Agent as normal.
  • A unique access code will be supplied to all parties when using DocuSign and available on the initial NIGO email to the Agent. It is the responsibility of the Agent to provide the Customer their unique access code.
  • Once signed and completed by all parties, the document(s) will be available for the Agent and Client, and sent automatically back to National Life.


Contact your New Business Case Manager for any feedback or questions you may have.