Make the Most of Summer Months…

…prepare for a strong Fall Enrollment Season

There are many ways to stay busy and efficient during summer time with our 403(b) solutions.  Here are a few ideas to keep you ahead, and your business prospering even in the summer months.


New Benefit Enrollment Kit flyer

Choose a Fixed Index Annuity with GLIR to help fill the retirement income gap left by underfunded State Pensions and Social Security. Clip your business card to it!


Educate & Empower 403(b) flyer

Educate & Empower 457(b) flyer

Let employers know that a group educational session can help increase their employees’ awareness of their retirement plan and increase their retirement readiness.  Clip your business card to it!


Updated Prizes for Pages Sponsorship eKit 

What better way to stand out in the Sea of Sameness than with a give-back program that makes a real difference in the communities you support?


Updated Premium Increase Program (PIP) eKit  

Earn full commissions for eligible qualifying increases to existing flexible premium annuity policies.


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How Can You Promote Annuity Awareness?

Think about what your clients are looking for when planning for retirement…

Is it safe to say that most of them desire at least one of the following:  protection of premium, deferring taxes, upside interest crediting potential or a GUARANTEED1 income stream?  Are you aware that a fixed indexed annuity with National Life Group can solve ALL of these desires, if used properly?


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