August 30, 2021

Universal Availability Gives Your 403(b) Plan Sponsors a Reason to Give YOU Access

Plan Sponsors are under more pressure than ever to educate eligible plan participants.

National Tax-Deferred Savings Association (NTSA) summarizes the updates in this article posted August 11, 2021:  IRS Updates Universal Availability Requirement Information for 403(b) Plans.  Read the full article here.

Bottom line:

Your 403(b) Plans are required to keep their employees informed, to keep their plans compliant.

We have a wide range of resources that provide valuable information about the universal availability requirement as well as educational tools that you can offer to Plan Sponsors immediately.

First and foremost, you have the ability to partner with Plan Sponsors to lead these turnkey Employee Workshops – both virtually and in-person – found in the ENGAGE! Toolkit.

  • ABCs of Financial Fitness
  • Will Your State Pension Be Enough?
  • TeacherTalk
  • Easy Ways to Start Saving
  • Achieving Retirement Success
  • The Retirement Gap

You can also introduce them to the new Plan Sponsor Resource Center, a self-service tool that provides them everything they need to oversee their plans and educate employees by sending this Personalizable Email.  This email introduces you as their resource and gives you the opening to follow up:

I’ll follow up with you shortly to talk about how I can help!  In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at

[Agent Name]

[Business Address]


[Email Address]

[(If in CA or AR) State Insurance Lic. #:]

Open the Door!

Take this opportunity to educate Plan Sponsors on the updated Universal Availability Requirements.  They have more reason than ever to open their doors – virtually or in-person – to their employees.


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