May 18, 2022

Nominations for This Year’s LCOY Capstone Award Close on May 31

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It only takes a few minutes of your time to recognize a retiring educator for their years and years of service and dedication?

Hopefully, in education we all think we’re doing a good job. But to be rewarded and told that our job has made a difference in somebody’s life – that is almost like a virtual hug. There’s no better feeling than that.  – Tim Fauth, a 2019 LifeChanger

That’s why we hope you’ll take the time to recognize a retiring K-12 educator or school employee’s career with a nomination for the LifeChanger Capstone Award.

Some genuine appreciation and a chance to start their retirement off with a $3,000 prize…sounds like a pretty great last hurrah to us!

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Don’t know anyone who will be retiring?

No worries – as always, all K-12 educators and school employees are eligible to be nominated for one of our other 17 awards.