August 19, 2021

NLG Q2 2021 Financials At-a-Glance

Rating agencies upgrade financial strength amidst record performance.

National Life Group had a record breaking first half of 2021 with over $200 million in both Life WNAP sales and core earnings. To top it off we received the recognition of our continued strong performance from rating agencies A.M. Best and Moody’s Investor Service as they upgraded our Financial Strength Ratings to A+ (Superior) and A1 (Good), respectively. AM Best’s ratings reflect National Life Group’s balance sheet strength, as well as its strong operating performance, favorable business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management. Moody’s also cited the group’s strong financial flexibility, consistent operating profitability while not increasing the risk profile of its assets or liabilities, and a commitment to the company’s mutual philosophy. This is an exciting recognition of the effort we’ve put into creating a solid company with a profitable and sustainable business.

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