March 23, 2022

LifeChanger is more than just 403(b)– grow all of your business!

Nope, that’s not a typo. We’re going to show you how to use LifeChanger of the Year to connect with police officers, firefighters, elected officials, business owners, families, insert your market here, to grow your business.

This year, we’re taking our flagship K-12 marketing program out of the classroom. It’s the same educator recognition program, but with dozens of new ways to use it as a community building and relationship selling platform, whether you work in the 403(b) market or not.

Here’s how: We’re putting a greater focus on the nominator pool. We’re giving you access to tools and resources that will help you engage with your target audience by supporting their local schools. You see, schools are the heart and soul of every community:

  • Your clients and prospects have children in school.
  • Your neighbors have friends and family that work in the schools.
  • Your local businesses recruit graduating students and have school employees among their customers.

Simply put, you don’t need to sell in the 403(b) space to leverage LifeChanger. Our new toolkit shows you how to use this program to engage and activate your market – whether that’s business owners, families, or local first responders.

The best part? You don’t have to spend a dime!